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It’s a simple fact that everyone is different so why is everyone trying to live the same life? Your neighbor’s grass looks greener from over the fence but if you got closer you’d see all the weeds and dead patches. You think you’d be happier if you were married? Well, then you get married and envy the simplicity and independence of being single. You wish you owned a home? Then you buy one and realize all the work that constantly needs to get done and your bank account dwindles and your weekends are busy going to Home Depot. You wish you had more money? Then when you have money you realize all the responsibility that comes along with it or how difficult it is to trust people. If you get caught up in this, the list could keep going…”I wish I had her body” “He has a better job” “Their mom and dad help them out more than my parents” “He’s in much better shape than me” “Her kids are better listeners than mine” “I wish I had an Aunt Sally who took me on trips to Africa” and blah blah frickin’ blah. Don’t be such a downer.

The things is, everyone struggles and everyone can thrive, the details are unimportant (to-may-to/to-mah-to). Everyone has pros and cons. So, let’s focus on our pros and make the world a better place.

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#1 Cheap labor, #2 lots of endurance and #3 they love hard physical activity.  I’m kidding. Well, kind of. My parents didn’t make me work-for a looooong time. They definitely encouraged it however, when you encourage an adolescent, they do the opposite. That’s why you need to get them young. Children are sponges and no matter how small a moment or insignificant a lesson might seem, to them-it’s life changing. Not to mention, routine is so important. The repetitive activities are what create their memories of their childhood, creating their safe nostalgic zone. So, when they grow up and become the adults they are meant to be they usually incorporate those same things their parents did with them. It’s in the groceries they buy, the way they wash their dishes or what they do before they go to bed. The thing is, if you give your kids little jobs to do around the house, things that are a part of the routine, they’ll learn that those things are just things you do. Today, so many people have no idea how to make a bed, do their laundry, cook a decent meal or even grow a plant. Allowances can be added but maybe for bigger jobs because it’s important to learn how all work isn’t work you get paid for (that’s still one that I have a hard time with).

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