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Went it comes to certain things, I’m kind of a baby. Spiders, mountain lions, ghosts, mind control, etc. The thing is, I’m usually afraid of the¬†intangible. Unless, it’s a wild animal. It obviously has to do with control and for some reason, if anything bad were to arise where I had to defend myself (except for a wild animal) I believe I would come out on top. Again, I have no idea where this confidence in protecting myself against a serial killer or a drive by shooting but I have it and whether it’s false or not, I love it. The thing is, fear so many times stops us from living our lives to the fullest. This is when regret happens and when regret occurs resentment and bitterness are not too far behind. I don’t ever want to be an old bitter bitty so I have to do the things that scare me, like old Eleanor said. Every single time I’ve ever been scared, not only have I been thrilled and learned something new but I’ve also changed and grown more into the person that I want to be. I used to be scared of being alone until I drove cross country by myself without knowing if I had enough money or not. Everyone’s fears are different but whatever yours might be-whether it’s socializing, speaking up for yourself, hurting yourself, being rejected, embarrasing yourself-embrace it and charge at it. Don’t let fear stop you from believing in something different, living your life to the fullest or becoming the you that you are supposed to be. Your happiness and freedom can make this world a better place.

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This is kind of a big one and is obviously very dependent on where you might live. However, whether you’re in an urban, suburban or rural environment you definitely have options. I live in Southern California and am pretty fortunate to have local, organic everything at my fingertips however for those of you in different climates you may be closer than you think to a farm. The thing is: there are so many benefits to eating locally.

#1: Helps your local economy.

#2: Knowing where your food comes from gives you a sense of pride, confidence and control.

#3: It’s healthier.

#4: It can be a lot more fun than waiting in a long line to purchase a bunch of processed, mass produced products that perpetuate unhealthiness in America.

#5: It is something small you can do to promote a greater change within our communities and our world.

#6: It just tastes better!

Google search “farmer’s market”, “vegetable farms”, “eating local” within your area and see what’s out there. If you have kids, make them a part of the process as well. They love to be around dirt, pick things they can eat off trees and talk to real farmers who have grown the food they get to eat. The choices in your area may be restricted however if there was a higher demand-the options would grow (literally). We are stronger in numbers!¬†Also, it doesn’t have to be limited to finding your local farms but this goes for local markets, local restaurants, basically anything that is independently owned and is not a chain.

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