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What if every thing you did was accompanied by music? It’s not a hidden fact that I pretend (often) I’m being filmed. Also, as embarrassing as this is to admit, I’ve been known to take a moment in life and “play it” as if it were a scene in a movie. Most of the time, I can’t help it. Music induces emotion and inspires thoughts. Imagine, if songs or a score accompanied us along our lives’ paths. Cooking dinner becomes momentous rather than a task, doing errands becomes a journey to a revelation and working on your fitness feels like a montage of you becoming a new, stronger you. If you’d like to be like me, I suggest you make a your own soundtrack. If not, disregard anything I just said and pretend you don’t know this about me.

One of my newest tracks to my life’s soundtrack-Million Years-Alex Ebert

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