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The older I get the more people I meet, the more places I move and it’s only naturally for me to want to visit the people and places I’ve left behind. Not to mention, there are all the places in this world I dream of visiting or revisiting. But, when I add up vacation days, money and airfare the numbers don’t always work in my favor. Plus, the amount of time it takes to actually travel somewhere doesn’t make some trips worthwhile.¬†It is impossible to travel everywhere I want in one year and I am forced to forfeit experiences (which is difficult for me because I hate when group pictures are taken without me in them). This makes me heavy sigh. So, do I miss Christmas to go to Scandinavia? Do I skip a wedding so I can go shoot a documentary in Africa? How come Europe has bullet trains and we don’t? I wouldn’t have to choose if we had bullet trains and I think the world would be a better place.

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I’m not talking about for big things like mortgages, tuition and groceries (although my life would be a lot easier if that were the case) but what if this was the currency we used among our small personal circles? What if every time you needed a favor you had to hug the person? You go next door to borrow a cup of sugar for the cookies you need to make and in return you give your neighbor a hug. Or, you ask a coworker to take on a file of yours so you can lighten a workload and when they respond “yes” you give them a hug. Not everyone is a hugger and for some reason a lot of those people are my friends. I need to ask for hugs and even then I usually get a response of “no” so now I just have to sniper attack hugs. Sometimes when I’m fighting with someone, all it comes down to is me simply needing a hug. Reassuring me that I’m loved and appreciated. If every day, every single person such as people of power, skeazy finance guys and even you and me were randomly hugged, making us all feel loved and appreciated, I think this world would be a better place.

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It’s a simple fact that everyone is different so why is everyone trying to live the same life? Your neighbor’s grass looks greener from over the fence but if you got closer you’d see all the weeds and dead patches. You think you’d be happier if you were married? Well, then you get married and envy the simplicity and independence of being single. You wish you owned a home? Then you buy one and realize all the work that constantly needs to get done and your bank account dwindles and your weekends are busy going to Home Depot. You wish you had more money? Then when you have money you realize all the responsibility that comes along with it or how difficult it is to trust people. If you get caught up in this, the list could keep going…”I wish I had her body” “He has a better job” “Their mom and dad help them out more than my parents” “He’s in much better shape than me” “Her kids are better listeners than mine” “I wish I had an Aunt Sally who took me on trips to Africa” and blah blah frickin’ blah. Don’t be such a downer.

The things is, everyone struggles and everyone can thrive, the details are unimportant (to-may-to/to-mah-to). Everyone has pros and cons. So, let’s focus on our pros and make the world a better place.

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My parents tried to introduce me to the idea of death and funerals at an early age. Their thought process was that if they treated the idea as normal and just a natural part of life than I wouldn’t think too much of it. The thing was-I had a mind of my own and it was filled with anxiety. For a long long long time I was terrified of death. Not just of my own mortality but my loved ones as well. Whenever I would leave my parents, uncles/aunts or grandma I would tell myself “This is going to be the last goodbye”. It was hell. I worked hard to change my thought process and thankfully I have learned to embrace the idea of death without crumbling at the very thought of it. Shirley MacLaine believes in reincarnation. I’m not sure if I do too but I do believe our souls never die and if that’s the case then we never die. War is pointless, if death doesn’t mean anything. The thing is our society wants us to fear death. They want us to be afraid so we buy things to make us feel like we’re cheating death-Earthquake survival kits, medicines, insurance policies, etc. Not to mention, a group that is afraid is easier to control than a group that is brave. My suggestion? Live live LIVE your life loud. In the end/beginning/transition, we are alone. Let’s embrace it and not be afraid anymore so are world can be healthier and happier!

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Read whatever you want, just read! Listen to people’s perspectives, funny moments, horrifying experiences and beliefs. We all want to be heard but to truly be heard we also need to listen. It doesn’t matter if you agree, disagree, laugh, cry or feel nothing at all. What’s important is that you are active in the search to find something that sticks in your brain and not in your ass, hips or thighs. Junk is so frivolous, fleeting and fake. People consume that crap because they’re souls are hungry for nutrients. Nourish yourself. Read!

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I LOVE animals. Sometimes I get nervous I might squeeze them to death because I love them so much. I’m definitely that girl that stops and asks if I can pet your dog and then talks to it in a creepy, deep, baby voice. However, I don’t have any pets and there’s a few reasons why:

#1 Billions of humans in our world are starving to death. Animals have the means, natural instinct and motivation to hunt and feed themselves. We should be feeding those that can’t feed themselves.

#2 I feel as though our culture has gotten so involved in a codependent, dysfunctional pet/owner relationship. Animals don’t talk-they can’t complain, they don’t have an opinion, they love the hand that feeds them, most of them liked to be snuggled/pet, you can leave them and come back without a fight, etc. It’s a justifiable selfish relationship.

#3 Animals are animals. They need to run, hunt, be chased, catch their food, eat gross things we don’t like to see or touch, get dirty, clean themselves. These are things they don’t get to do when domesticated.

#4 In 2001, according to the Census Bureau via homelessnessinamerica.com, 35 million Americans were without homes. How can I coddle, support and spend money on something that could live and survive on it’s own when there’s human beings out there struggling like that?¬†Whenever there’s a natural disaster, thousands swoop in to rescue the animals. But…what about the babies, children, families, homeless people, etc.? I get that it’s a lot easier to adopt a pet rather than a child or a family however, it allows human neglect to be acceptable.

#5 Owning a pet is another thing that perpetuates the idea of consumerism, which has messed this country up so badly. Your dog needs a cozier, bigger bed to sleep on, your cat needs a house to climb in or your goldfish needs a new tank setup so you swipe your plastic, putting yourself a little further into debt so your pet can…not thank you (because they can’t talk and don’t understand the concept of gifts)?

I have extreme points and I don’t think no one should have pets. I just wish everyone would assess what they spend on their pets, whether it’s love or money, and compare it to what they give to humans (i.e. loved ones, those in need).

So, instead of buying your dog a bed buy a homeless man one and I guarantee the goodness, love and appreciation you will feel will be much better than what you feel after buying an extra treat for your pet.

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