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I know this can be a sensitive topic and I am in no way implying that I’m perfect…in fact, I’m probably far from it. The picture above is my one and only side mirror, the other one is missing due to a fight with a dumpster. Anger is an easy emotion to feel while behind the wheel and imagine, if we all we’re happier drivers we would be more considerate and the world could get a little bit better. I decided to make a little list of basics that can serve as reminders for ALL of us.¬†Feel free to add to it!

1. Beeping is a voice not a weapon.

2. Left lane is for passing, right lane is for creeping.

3. Going under the speed limit can be just as dangerous (sometimes more) than speeding.

4. Be happy and assume people are oblivious not aggressive.

5. Pay attention, you’re not the only one out there.

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