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If everyone took a half hour to an hour or so out of their for a little quiet time our world would be a better place. Most of us get up around 7am-8am and don’t find ourselves in bed until 10pm-12am. That’s a minimum of 14 hours of talking, exercising, stressing, working, drinking and countless other small, tedious and energy zapping activities. And if you think, “Oh, well, I realax in the evenings when I catch up on my DVR”, that’s not real. TV and movies are tricky because although your body is in a resting state your mind is actually being over stimulated with all sorts of, let’s face it, crap. Just like we reserve time in our day for talking to certain people, eating meals, e-mailing, going to the bathroom we should also dedicate some time to sit, be quiet, close our eyes, take deep breathes and literally relax.

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What if every thing you did was accompanied by music? It’s not a hidden fact that I pretend (often) I’m being filmed. Also, as embarrassing as this is to admit, I’ve been known to take a moment in life and “play it” as if it were a scene in a movie. Most of the time, I can’t help it. Music induces emotion and inspires thoughts. Imagine, if songs or a score accompanied us along our lives’ paths. Cooking dinner becomes momentous rather than a task, doing errands becomes a journey to a revelation and working on your fitness feels like a montage of you becoming a new, stronger you. If you’d like to be like me, I suggest you make a your own soundtrack. If not, disregard anything I just said and pretend you don’t know this about me.

One of my newest tracks to my life’s soundtrack-Million Years-Alex Ebert

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